Vision & Purpose

The United States is the third largest mission field in the world. In order to effective reach our expanding population, we must plant 300,000 new churches IN THIS GENERATION! NOAH is committed to developing disciples who plant dynamic, church-planting churches. Through our Fresh Start Program we are helping congregations to rediscover their potential and maximize their effectiveness.
We have a God-given vision to plant churches that will develop mature reproducing disciples in a relational environment.  We are committed to wining the world to Christ one person at a time through relational discipleship; and one congregation at a time as Jesus’ followers plant disciple making churches!  We are praying that God will help us to be effective in planting these new communities that will impact and change their world!
     We are also excited to be a part of the “Small Churches: Big Possibilities” network. This network will allow any size church to participate in, and enjoy the benefits of church planting.  We celebrate the fact that God has given us a big vision and the empowerment to do together what He has called us to do which is too big for us to do all by ourselves.  In other words, through strategic partnerships with local churches NOAH is proving that the result is much greater than the sum of the parts!