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In the quiet hours of a January, sunny, Sunday afternoon the Kenmore Church of Christ had a congregational meeting. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the immediate and long-range future of the congregation. After a time of prayer and discussion, with one voice, the congregation decided to do a complete Re-Vision. In other words the congregation invited NOAH to lead and assist them in a complete Fresh Start.

Charles Hahlen who has been the Preaching Minister of the congregation for the past seven years took the helm of the transition team as the lead Fresh Start Pastor. This is only fitting since Charles already has the confidence of the congregation and he is developing the Fresh Start program for his Doctoral Dissertation.

The congregation known as Compass Christian Church launched in March of 2016.  If you visit their web site you can catch more of the details, but they have worked hard to prepare the building for the ministry that is taking place there.  They have renovated the worship center, classrooms, restrooms, and brought them up to contemporary standards.

The most exciting part is not the paint or carpet!  The most exciting part is that Compass Christian is partnering with several ministry groups to reach the neighborhood.  For instance, the current Interim Minister, Dennis Reynolds, has worked hard to help develop an after school music program for young people called “Open Tone” music.  Their current registrations for free music lessons for neighborhood children is at capacity.

Charles has developed two discipleship groups that are meeting on a regular basis.

It seems like the Lord is opening new doors of opportunity every day!  As Compass turns the corner on an intentional three year term, they are now ready to take the next steps of faith.  Right now NOAH is helping the congregation to call a lead minister to reach this critical “first neighborhood” with a reverent congregation that develops mature disciples who make other disciples.


David Johnson will be joining us soon in the summer or early fall of 2021!  (He had hoped to be here earlier, but there was this Covid 19 thing!)  He will be stepping into the role of the Preaching Minister of the Compass Christian Church.  David brings a wealth of experience with him as a church planter in urban areas.  We are totally thrilled and excited to see what God will do in him and through him as He works to build His Church!

Brother Dennis Reynolds will continue to serve the Compass Christian Church as one of the key leaders.  He is currently serving as the intentional interim minister, under the leadership of Team NAOH!

It is our vision and prayer that this congregation can become a church in which disciples representing a variety ages, economic circumstances, ethnic, and religious backgrounds unite in a common desire to be a people Called, Changed, and Committed to Jesus Christ and His mission.  The congregation has already taken the first steps of racial reconciliation.  The Lord is building a family in Kenmore!

The church will be characterized by

  • Worship that is reverent but relevant,
  • Teaching that is biblical yet practical, and
  • Service that is frequent and sincere.

“We will seek to translate first century discipleship into a contemporary context.   Small groups will be a central value of the congregation as are committed to raise up disciples who make disciples.”