Valley Christian Church

Downtown youngstown
     As many of you know, there is not an active Christian Church (Church of Christ) with a ministry center within the City limits of Youngstown at the current time.  This is astounding for two reasons; first, historically the Christian Church had such an impact in Youngstown that the Mohoning River was once called the “Little Jordan” River because of all of the baptisms that were taking place.  At the same time, the simple New Testament plan of salvation was the “point of conversation at every dinner table.”  Secondly, the demographics with the University of Youngstown right in the middle of the city, the high level of human need, and the “open door” opportunities, make Youngstown “white unto harvest.”  We believe that it is absolutely God’s will for His Church to be victorius in this great city.  That is why we feel called to plant a vibrant, healthy, reproducing church planting church, that will help us to plant other church planting churches.
     Our prayers for the Youngstown area are becoming a reality!  We now have a small discipleship group on the ground.  They are gaining momentum every day.  Their lead minister, Len Derico, is currently working every day in order to make disciples who make disciples that plant churches.  The Valley Christian Church is currently meeting in a rented facility on Market Avenue, not too far south of downtown Youngstown.  (5500 Market Street, Boardman, Ohio,  330-921-4540.
     Please keep Len, Nita (his wife), and the launch team in your prayers as they move into the city and help claim it for Christ!  The Lord is already opening doors of opportunity for them.  They have been able to meet with school officials in the neighborhood and are developing plans for reaching students.  They have a discipleship group meeting within the city limits.  They have a group that is meeting at Youngstown State University.  Len is a part of a community group that is meeting on a regular basis to encourage business and encourage families in the area.  We are thrilled that the Lord is opening some mighty avenues for His church in Youngstown to impact their world!
Valley Home Worship

Valley Christian Home Worship 

     In 2018 Valley Christian Church was able to secure their first permanent facility.  We are so grateful to God thatHe has provided them with a place to not only call home, but a place to use as a resource center, a staging area for effective evangelism and discipleship, and a place where they can meet the needs of countless people!  What an awesome God we serve!